Production Optimization

Actionable Machine Learning to optimize industrial processes, reduce process inefficiencies and increase yield.

Industrial processes are inefficient because traditional process improvement systems cannot capture complex relationships of different processes and therefore cannot adapt quickly to internal and external changes. This results in low OEE, yield and high production costs.

Optimal Process Control

Our intelligent Machine Learning software is built for production and process optimization. The system allows process engineers to 

Predict and prevent process inefficiencies,

Understand why process inefficienies happen and

Take corrective actions to improve yield, production efficiency and production capacity  

Acquire, Analyze and Act

Aegasis fuses your production process data flows, IT data, MIS data into Machine Learning, no matter where it is stored and what format it is created in. 

Users can model different processes from different data streams and create different models for optimizing processes of the production line with realtime actionable intelligence.



Our software provides a unique two way integration using a set of open APIs. This two way integration and communication with your existing production and control infrastructure enables

Easy integration with your data historian to stream data in realtime for actionable intelligence

Integration of our intelligent control system with your facilty’s control system to automate optimization of process and control values within the safety constraints defined by you


Easily create digital twins of processes and assets and scale for new production lines and plants with our easy to use scalability feature. You don’t have to master data science or machine learning in order to do this. Our scalable software allows you to 

Easily scale to new processes, production lines and plants by creating digital twins using our easy to use software interface

Get Enterprise visibility. Zoom in and out from machine to process to plant. 


Our cutting edge machine learning software comes in an easy to use interface which is available on cloud or on premise. The platform offers

Actionable insights and control actions for operators

Management of various data sources 

Future prediction of metrics and KPIs for identification of anticipated issues

Summary view for operators

and much more


Capacity Utilization and Production Output by identifying key production issues

Overall throughput by identifying bottlenecks and performance drivers impacting yield

Continuous process improvements through deeper insights into product and quality issues


Scrap produced by identifying root cause of complex problems

Downtime of assets

Product Variability

Human error because of inexperience