Energy Optimization

Actionable machine learning for energy consumption optimization

Inefficient processes and control variables can result in high energy consumption and wastage of resources. The reason for this is that traditional softwares and control systems cannot capture the complex relationship of different processes and cannot adapt quickly to internal and external changes and therefore fail to operate these facilities in an optimal manner.

Energy consumption optimization

Our intelligent Machine Learning software created digital twins for understanding the complex dynamics of processes and plants and learns to optimize processes to minimize resource consumption and maximize efficiency. Using Aegasis you can 

Predict future energy consumption

Optimize processes to reduce energy consumption

Use future forecasting for optimizing your decisions

Realtime Optimal Control

Realtime control delivered through your SCADA interface. Our software works within the safety constraints defined by you. Using our Open APIs you can 

Integrate our control system directly with your SCADA interface for autonomous intelligent control

Integrate actionable intelligence and insights into your existing BI workflow


Our cutting edge machine learning software comes in an easy to use interface which is available on cloud or on premise. The platform offers

Actionable insights and control actions for operators

 Management of various data sources 

Future prediction of metrics and KPIs for identification of anticipated issues

Summary view for operators

and much more


Start seeing immediate ROI with energy consumption optimization and lower production costs.

Predicting future demand and understanding the key processes behind this demand allows for better planning ahead therefore resulting in better

Energy Consumption Visibility

Asset and Process Utility

Energy Usage Prediction

Cost forecasting 

Production Capacity increase


Traditional control systems cannot adapt quickly to internal and external changes which results in sub-optimal control and decision making and therefore results in resource wastage.

By providing intelligent control and insights, our software helps you reduce

Production Costs

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Inefficient Usage of Resources